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Zahraa The Label


June 2022 / 1 month


Lead design


I have worked with Zahraa The Label, a modern modest fashion label, in a multitude of projects ranging from graphic design, branding, eCommerce, and web design. This case study will highlight the work I have done on the site refresh that had launched in Summer 2022. Mainly in my work with Shopify and rapidly prototyping with tools such as Figma. The website had to be functional with all a whole new theme with heavy customization and a multitude of apps that had work well with the site, all within a month before ZTL's 2022 Summer collection launch. It was an ambitious project, but we were able to pull it off with great teamwork and coordination.

The target of the website refresh for Zahraa The Label, was to optimize site navigation and overall shopping experience.


Zahraa The Label (ZTL) is an eCommerce fashion startup that was started in 2020. Going into their second year, ZTL needed to update their website to Shopify 2.0 in order to utilize all of the features that were inaccessible due to their outdated site. With a wide variety of product offerings, we also took the opportunity to improve navigation between different product categories.



With Shopify 2.0 web stores being the standard for most eCommerce startups in 2022, Zahraa The Label, needed to update their store to stay competitive.

We're missing out on so many upsell potential because we can't add a simple widget without Shopify 2.0..

-Zahraa Berro, Founder of ZTL


Easy mobile navigation and accessibility.

Minimize friction for the customer from visit to checkout.

Have the aesthetics match the new branding direction.


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A lot to test, not a lot of time.

After gathering the business requirements from the business owner and selecting a theme, I started to build wireframes using Figma. Since the timeline for the project was very slim, it was key to rapidly prototype in hi-fidelity to accurately show my finalized designs to an outsourced developer. Without the luxury of having an in-house developer, we had to be certain that communication and expectations were relayed as clearly and timely as possible.

Mobile first, built for navigation.

Due to 86% of the users who shop at ZTL being on mobile, the website was designed mobile first. This helped prioritise and avoid the content from being cluttered. The aim of this website was to make ZTL's entire product offering, be easily navigable even on smaller screens. The flow of the user was also an important factor in the design as Zahraa had a clear vision of how they wanted to guide users through the website from landing page to checkout.

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