TinyBot Vinyl


TinyBot Vinyl


October 2021 / 1 month


Graphic Designer


I partnered with TinyBot Vinyl to help redesign their logo. The process began with identifying their business problems as well as what their users faced. Once their pain points were realized, I was able to form a strategy to guide the project. From that, I developed a complete identity system that was represented at every touchpoint of the logo.

With expansion right around the corner, TinyBot Vinyl aimed to roll out new product and merch with a modernized logo.


TinyBot Vinyl is a car wrapping company located in Gardena, CA which was founded by a group of car enthusiasts, whose first wrap jobs were on their own cars. They offer a deep understanding of what is desired in the automotive enthusiast community, from casual DIYers to garage-life gear heads.



TinyBot Vinyl did not feel like the original logo represented their company culture very well. Most of the staff felt that the burgundy color of the original logo was 'too dark' and the chosen typeface could be 'cleaner.' According to user input, some customers wanted a less 'childish' and a more 'professional' logo to represent on their vehicle, with a vinyl sticker.

I feel like our logo is pretty dull and desaturated. We want a logo that would represent how colorful our culture and service actually are.
- Harry Kim, Co-Owner TinyBot Vinyl


Change up the company mascot.
New company colors.
Responsive logo system for different screen/print sizes.


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An art direction that matches the culture.

We crafted the company's look based on the user/market research and business culture we gathered. We found that the brighter and vibrant colors of the new logo helped to visually communicate TinyBot Vinyl's energetic and lively service with their customers. The attitude embodied by the mascot juxtaposes TinyBot Vinyl from competitors within their market. We then fleshed out a design system that would secure consistency and cohesiveness throughout every marketing touchpoint, which is key for creating a holistic brand experience and engagement for the customer.

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